Road#1: Sustainable Living: Why the time to act is now

Sustainability has become a by word in the past decade or so. Despite this, the term does not actually translate into how we actually live. SDG 2030 is less than 9 years. It’s time to walk the talk and it begins with knowing the real score. Survivability is not just about living now and dying tomorrow. It begins with being self-sufficient to the point of having enough to share with others. People helping people starts communities. But communities will only thrive if people are living sustainable lifestyles. This is evident in the way they produce and consume, much like the goal of SDG#12. Sustainable living has become so critical in the context of COVID-19. In fact, Google noted that while most of us are confined to our homes due to the pandemic, the search for the string “sustainable living” increased by 4,500%. It’s not enough that we know. It’s time to act, NOW. The goal is in whatever we do: be they work, play, and passion, people see the good stewards in us and hopefully find the same in themselve

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