Garrette Clark

Garrette Clark is the Sustainable Lifestyles Programme Officer, in the Economics Division of the UN Environment Programme in Paris. With a sustainability career spanning over 30 years her expertise lies in promoting how we can live better and lighter – everyone. This is technically referred to as ‘sustainable consumption and production’ and her team runs research on evolving sustainability trends, develops methodologies to support disruptive change (eg sustainable lifestyles campaigns, sustainable product design, eco-innovation) and engages partners like new policy wild cards – that means youth, social media platforms and cultural influencers. She now leads UN Environment’s work to support a shift to more sustainable lifestyles which promotes better living in how we eat, move, live, buy stuff and handle our money. She represents UNEP on advisory boards and committees and has run diverse projects on Sustainable Tourism Marketing, Design for Sustainability in Asia and has published widely. At 55 she took up distance running and now guides blind runners in half marathons. Showing that, as in life, the race goes to those who show up, offer help and try. She has a Masters degree from Goldman School of Public Policy (University of California, Berkeley).

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